Time to talk about the figure. 

Right off the bat, I can tell you this isn’t a $100 figure. Maybe $50 at most, but $100? No. The whole figure lacks texture. Everything just looks the same. Looks very plastic. There is hardly any matte finish painting here to help give the figure a more appealing look.  With a more matte paint job, this figure would of been better off, but no. ALMOST EVERYTHING SHINES! The face is completely different from the prototype. I bought this figure, specifically for the face. It had THE best face for Levi so far and I really wanted it for that reason. The disappointment I have that the face is vastly different is beyond me. I don’t get to buy A LOT of pricey figures and I wanted to give Pulchra a chance. I really liked their prototype and Levi is a HUGELY popular character so I thought, “Hey, he is so popular they couldn’t possibly screw up!” I was wrong. They had a HUGE opportunity to really prove their stuff. I am so disappointed and I won’t buy from them again. 
I thought about selling him, but there is no way I would get my money back, so I will just keep him. I wonder if AmiAmi can file a complaint to the company?…If anyone out there knows let me know!

Either way, I begin putting the figure together.

the stand comes in three pieces that are put together. The stand is probably one of my favorite parts of this figure. It has TEXTURE~ 

Levi slipped into the stand very nicely and he is secure. 

The hard blade is alright. It goes in easy but can fall out easily.

The hard part begins. The cables are tricky. The cables are just bendable wires so they do bend which is actually pretty nice. You can bend the wires to your fitting. If you have the figure and are having issues with the cables, hold down the end that you are not putting into the back of the hard blade.

I get one cable in and then I put the hard blade handle into that slot on his 3D maneuver gear. It falls out! Mine doesn’t stay at all! It is so loose it  just falls out. In order to keep it from falling out I have to run the cable underneath the handle. I took a picture so I hope you can see what I am talking about. 

The paint job is really subpar.

I want to scream at the difference in the face. Remember the box pictures? The last two images are angles that the box pictures have.

I will give it some credit. I like the details. There are some nice decent details and his pose is nice, but all of them are easily overshadowed by all the flaws. His face…omg his face…I want to cry…WHY PULCHRA WHY?!?!?!?!? 

I’d expect to get something better for my  $100, but I did not.  I’ve gotten better prize figures.

Overall Rating 5/10. Try harder next time.

It is time…

Pulchra Levi has arrived in the mail. He came yesterday, but I didn’t open in him until today since I was busy with house work. I can’t take good pictures once nighttime rolls around. 

These are just images of the packaging. Pretty straight forward. Nothing super snazzy. Keep a mental image of these when I get to talking about the figure….

The figure review is coming.

Meet the Blogger-Suisei

Meet The Blogger

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Name: Jen or Jenny 
Nicknames: Suisei, Gummy Bear and Sin
Birthday: August 15th
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Height: 5’8”
Current Time Zone: Pacific
Current Date: September 15th
Last thing I googled: ArcheAge things
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First word that comes to mind: Blindfolds
Place that makes me happy & why: Room, because my games are here, I can watch anime, play some VN’s, listen to music and I can draw. Outside of my room Round1, because arcades are the best.
Number of blankets I sleep under: one…I prefer sheets though.
Last movie I saw in the Theater: Guardians of the Galaxy
3 things I can’t live without: Music, Art and Games
Something(s) I plan on learning: Finish my Japanese learning, learn Mandarin and martial arts.

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I hope to learn more about some of your darlings~ <3 If I didn’t tag you feel free to do it too~ 



oh my&#8230;.



oh my….


ドラマダログ② | りんこよ 
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A-Aoba…so cute :>


happy birthday kaworu!! [13/09/2000]

also the date of the 2nd impact


Another Animate display to celebrate Kaworu’s birthday
Of course Shinji is included

Happy Birthday Kaworu~


Another Animate display to celebrate Kaworu’s birthday

Of course Shinji is included

Happy Birthday Kaworu~

My Kotobukiya Eren and Pulchra Levi shipped out around the same time. Eren was actually a day later in shipment. I wondered which figure would arrive to me first and looks like we have our winner! 

Kotobukiya Eren has arrived at my door step today and I eagerly opened him! I have been looking forward to him so much and I knew I would like him, but I didn’t think I would actually gasp from how wonderful he is! He is a lot bigger then I imagined! Seriously!  He is big!

I overlooked the figure for any flaws and could hardly find any. There is a mold seam down the middle of his pelvis area, but I hardly consider those errors. It is hard to remove mold seams completely and this mold seam is placed in an area that it looks pretty natural to pants.

The attention to detail is so lovely~ I love everything about him! They also give you beaten and broken blades!

If I gave a little crit, I would want more intense eyes! I really REALLY love Eren’s eyes when they are intense! I love intense eyes!

Overall though this Eren is super pleasing! Thanks Kotobukiya!

There is really amazing flow to this figure and I plan to buy Levi to continue this flow! I WILL BUY KOTOBUKIYA LEVI ONE DAY!

one day….

I do have a Levi coming from Pulchra…he isn’t getting very hot reviews and I really wanted to support a newer figure company and give them a chance, but….eh! When Pulchra Levi comes, I will review him too with pictures and talk about him.



There will be two sides to the fandom after this episode. The side that is pissed at Haru and the side that isn’t and hopes Haru will find his life’s calling.

Being an adult is hard. It is really freaking hard. Being young you have so much time. Find your dream then. Fiddle in a lot of things and find it. Even if it can take a while. Find it. Once you find your dream, have a back up dream to fall upon just in case. I am saying just in case, because whatever dream you decide to choose, follow it, but things can happen. You can realize certain things about the dream you were following that make you not want to follow that dream anymore.  Honestly, being Haru without a dream is better then having a dream that they rushed into, because people said it was time to decide. It is a decision you have to decide on your own and it takes time.

Let me tell you the worst feeling in the world, is realizing that the dream you had is not exactly how you imagined it. Then you are someone in your late 20s early 30s struggling to find another dream. You don’t want to give up on your original dream still so you stay with one leg in it. Then you discover the new dream, it could be hard to obtain. Maybe you have no money, because you are in debt from your first dream and haven’t been able to find a job yet. Maybe you need to return to school. You will be that older person in the college room with all the fresh out of High School faces, because late in the game, things went wrong. Spending a year or two in solitude, with no job, does a lot of damage to ones mentality. You get severe social anxiety, depression, feeling of worthlessness.  All you can do is sleep and hope tomorrow, the world will end. You don’t care about what is happening in the world, because to you, the world has ended already. You may have a few people that still reach out to you and say you can do it. Support you and tell you things will work out and to not give up.  You don’t listen to them. It has been too long. Why didn’t things work out properly when I was working so hard? When I was giving it my all. When will things turn around. It has been 2 years and you have been to many job interviews to no avail. This is the worst feeling I have felt in a long time.


I’m saying I’m fine with the way things are!